Social Events

Here is the fun part ! To balance the hard work that you’ve been putting in to intensive rehearsals, there are the following Social events at which you will be free to let your hair down, relax and have a lot of fun. 🙂

Welcome Party

The first evening of your arrival is an opportunity to mingle and unwind from your day’s travel. In line with our theme, we invite you to bring a costume that portrays the 1920’s era – Flappers, Gangsters, Prohibition and Speakeasies were the order of the day. If you just feel like relaxing in your jeans, that’s also ok – it’s informal.


One night, at camp, we hold our own talent- show – all kinds of acts, be they solo, society/group, Vocal, entertaining or amusing, they all provide the variety that makes for an evening to be remembered!

Presidents PJ’s Competition

A spirit of friendly rivalry pervades between the various university choirs; Indeed, it was right here at our campsite, Tullebudgera, that the challenge to find the missing Choir-Presidents Pyjamas was very first conceived, and since then has become a tradition lost in the sands of time. This time, the sands of the local beach will provide the assembly-point for the event, as the original flag-pole up which they were once hoisted has long since gone.

Market Day

Market Day is a chance to get your hands on choir memorabilia from interstate choirs and past IVs, as well as a few special items produced by individuals. It’s also a good chance for your choir to make a few extra dollars by flogging some society t-shirts, songbooks, CDs or other nifty goods.

Movie Night

Watch videos of festivals past, starting with the video from Adelaide IV 2019. See what tips you can learn from old choristers of bygone eras, see just how much has (or hasn’t) changed, and see who you can recognise when they still had all their hair!

Whale watching

Yes ! Winter in Queensland is when the mighty Blue Whales (and a white one named “Migaloo”) migrate up from southern waters, right past the Gold Coast, on their way up to the mid-Queensland Coast. Chances are very likely that you may well see them!

Bring a Joke

There is a floating Trophy awarded to the best joke told during the festival. When will you know when to tell your joke? … The time-honoured tradition of “getting banged-up” for a joke at Lunch or Dinner will enlighten – so be sure to bring a joke to share!

Academic dinner

This Gala-Dinner and Awards Night is the highlight of the festival social calendar – your time to dress-up to the nine’s and shine! Awards and trophies make their appearance along with several Toasts, each of which has a song that accompanies it. A truly splendid evening. This will be held on Thursday 9th July 2020 in a very elegant venue yet to be revealed.

Post concert party

You’ve survived the Concert ! – now is time to let your hair down and relax, its all over, and all you can do now is celebrate. And where better, of course, than a local “Speakeasy” not far from the Concert Venue, right in the heart of the party district (where its easy to find Transport home afterwards)

Farewell barbecue

Time to bid the friends you’ve made a fond farewell. We lay on a Picnic BBQ for you all to have one final morning/lunch before you catch your flight home. Roma Street Parklands (alongside the main Roma St Station) is the venue where you will be able to safely catch your train to the airport in time.