Privacy Policy


To protect the privacy of participants and others associated with the festival.


Queensland Intervarsity Choral Festival 2020 (QIV2020) where required and where possible, will abide by the Australian Privacy Principles Guidelines as detailed on the website of the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).

Public Information

Festival participants should acknowledge that some details, such as their name and voice part, will be included in programs for events associated with the festival. QIV2020 will attempt to indicate in advance the information from registration that will be used for these or for similar purposes.


Photographs taken throughout the festival may potentially be used to share on the festival’s social media and for future purposes of promoting intervarsity festivals. Please see the festival convenor if you do NOT give permission for your image to be used for these purposes.


If festival participants take photos of other individuals, permission must be sought before these images are shared on social media.

Specific concerns

Participants are encouraged to highlight concerns regarding privacy promptly to the QIV2020 committee.


The initial contact for this policy shall be the QICA chair.