Code of Conduct

 Queensland Intervarsity Choirs Association, Inc was formed to conduct the 2020 Inter Varsity Choral Festival (QIV2020), under the auspices of the Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Association. 

QIV2020 values acceptance, camaraderie, conscientiousness, courtesy, equality, equity, excellence, friendship, generosity, honesty, joy, kindness, perseverance, punctuality, respect, teamwork, tolerance and trustworthiness. We are committed to the highest standards of ethical and professional conduct that promotes and supports our purpose and our values.

All QIV2020 participants are expected to comply with stated policies and

  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all others
  • Be considerate, fair and honest in dealings with all others
  • Refrain from any form of harassment, discrimination or victimization towards others
  • Work to provide a safe environment for the conduct of our activities
  • Work to achieve an excellent musical outcome
  • Be positive role models and extend duty of care to all fellow participants.

Behaviour which is deemed to be unacceptable includes, but is not limited to, behaviour which is abusive, offensive, defamatory, distressing, threatening, aggressive or intimidating.

This policy is subject to the Disputes and Mediation procedures outlined in the QICA constitution.

Anyone who fails to comply with the code of conduct and whose behaviour is deemed to be unacceptable shall possibly be subject to suspension and asked to withdraw from the festival with no refund.