Sorry to be the bearer of such bad news – the IV-Festivals are always the highlights of our Choral-Calendars, and for this to happen is very much an anticlimax that I never anticipated. To say that I feel disappointed is an understatement; BUT – on the positive side, its not too far until the next IV, and I’m sure we will make up for lost time when we get together for SIV’21

It pains me to make known the decision that the QIV2020 committee have been compelled to take, and that is to CANCEL THE FORTHCOMING INTER-VARSITY CHORAL FESTIVAL which was planned for July 2020, due to the multiple uncertainties that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought upon us.

Moreover, the national governing body, AICSA, convened yesterday and communicated their concerns to the QIV2020 Committee , which in part reads:

We strongly advise the festival committee to cancel/postpone the festival. Whilst we deeply regret this decision, we believe it is the only option available, and that to proceed with the festival would be irresponsible.”

This leaves our Committee with the huge task now of backtracking, processing registration refunds, and taking stock.   Please bear with us as we work through it, we will be contacting each of you individually .  We know that this will be as much of a disappointment for you, as it is for us, being so long since the last festival, and now, even longer to the next festival. Over four years of planning, convincing, building and anticipation will not have gone to waste, as it is our intention to deliver our planned festival at the next available opportunity.

Our committee would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.  


Grant Berry.

CONVENOR QIV2020  & Chair QICA, Inc.

If you would like to be appraised of our future plans for the festival, please complete our:

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