11th July 2020

Venue : This awesome concert will be performed in the magnificent St John’s Cathedral , Ann St, Brisbane . for a Virtual Tour :


The first half of our concert is so unique, that it has only ever been performed once before, and there are only eight places in Australia where it is actually possible to perform it, due to the fact that the Tower-Bells are literally “instrumental” to the choral performance. The choir will be singing along in tune with the Bells – imagine that !

The music itself is by renown Australian Film and TV-score Composer, Ricky Edwards; The ‘Sanctus’ was commissioned for the Bicentennial of the Church of St. David,  Hobart. Edwards’ composition embraces the musical elements that have a place in that history: affiliated choirs, boy soprano and baritone soloists, organ, bells and percussion. – This is a choral opportunity that will be a milestone life-event that you won’t want to miss. See St Johns Bells here:

The second half of the concert will be the highly acclaimed “Mass in Blue” by contemporary UK composer Will Todd. Melding the text of the traditional Latin Mass format with Jazz styling, this music is a rare gem that you will love being a part of ! The secret of its success lies in its fidelity to two very different musical traditions: that of the sung Mass, one of the oldest forms of European music whose evolution indeed coincides with the development of classical music as we know it: and that of the Blues, a distinct form of African-American music that came into prominence in the nineteenth century and paved the way for jazz. Supported by a Jazz-trio ensemble, this promises to end the programme on an incredible high !

For a teaser, listen to excerpts here :