Festival Organising Committee

Many hands make light work, as they say – Our team is comprised of numerous people and various roles; Should you need to contact them, the below email addresses will connect you to the appropriate person:

If you need to address your mail to a specific member of the committee, simply prefix your address with the title, eg. “The Convenor“. Alternatively, you may of course simply email the appropriate committee member directly (see below).

Below is a list of all the wonderful people on the QIV2020 committee:

Grant BerryConvenorOur fearless leader.convenor@qiv2020.org.au
Tony McCallumTreasurerMaster of the monies.treasurer@qiv2020.org.au
Kellie HajekSecretaryKeeper of the evidence.secretary@qiv2020.org.au
Concert ManagerCon Man in more ways than one.conman@qiv2020.org.au
Camp OfficerKeeps the campers happy.camp@qiv2020.org.au
Uni OutreachPuts the varsity in Intervarsityunis@qiv2020.org.au
Church Liaisonchurches@qiv2020.org.au
MerchandiseSells all the things!merch@qiv2020.org.au
Social SecretaryResident party expert!social@qiv2020.org.au
BillettingOh the places you’ll stay! billeting@qiv2020.org.au
PublicityPosters and printouts and press, oh my!publicity@qiv2020.org.au
TransportOh the places you’ll go!transport@qiv2020.org.au
Lauren HunterLibrarianHas scores to settle. librarian@qiv2020.org.au
ITTechnological wizard.it@qiv2020.org.au
General AssistantsThe best of the restga@qiv2020.org.au

If you have any non-specific questions, address them care of the Convenor …and we’ll do our best to answer them.

Slower ways to contact us ….

Our official postal address is:

P.O. Box 2494 Chermside, QLD 4032.

Our ABN is: 77 989 276 532